Première Croisade

‘Première Croisade’ by Daveluy, Bruges, c.1850

‘Première Croisade’ by Daveluy, Bruges, c.1850

Above: ‘Première Croisade’ with single-ended courts by Daveluy, Bruges, c.1850. Images courtesy Rex Pitts.

Evoking the time of the First Crusade, with the honour, adventure and traditional religious order associated with those days, this is probably one of Daveluy's earliest packs. Some editions have gold borders with named court cards. The four Kings are: K♣ Philippe le Bon; K♠ Godefroid de Bouillon; K♦ François Premier; K♥ Baudoin de Constantinople. The Queens are: Q♣ Marie de Bourgogne; Q♠ Richilde; Q♦ L'infante Isabelle; Q♥ Marguerite d'Autriche.

Right: back design from ‘Première Croisade’ by Daveluy, Bruges, c.1850. The numeral cards are double-ended. All images courtesy Rex Pitts.

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