“Marguerite” by Müller & Cie., Switzerland, c.1930

Marguerite fantasy costume playing cards, made by Müller & Cie in Schaffhausen, Switzerland in about 1930, in wonderful colour-lithography printing. Each court figure is richly decorated and holding something different: a letter, a wreath, a quill pen, a mace, a bird, a flower, a cushion, a goblet, a flute, etc. The pack has been re-issued several times with slight differences in the artwork, different back designs and various Jokers.

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'Marguerite' by Muller & Cie., Switzerland. c.1930

Above: 'Marguerite' fantasy double-ended costume playing cards by Müller & Cie., Switzerland. c.1930. Gilded corners. 92x60mms. Reprinted in 1971. Images courtesy Rod Starling.

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