Piket Fijne Speelkaarten, c.1925-30

‘Piket Fijne Speelkaarten’ by La Turnhoutoise for export to the Netherlands, c.1925-30. The court cards have an affinity with the French Paris pattern but are nevertheless a fantasy design. The four aces show various buildings from The Netherlands at each end.

‘Piket Fijne’ by La Turnhoutoise, c.1930 ‘Piket Fijne’ by La Turnhoutoise, c.1930

Above: ‘Piket Fijne Speelkaarten’ by La Turnhoutoise, c.1930. 32 cards + 1 extra card in box. Gilded corners. The back design is a floral pattern in red or blue.

‘Piket Fijne’ by La Turnhoutoise, c.1925-30
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