Fagoaga y Compañía (Casa Bertrand Domec), Buenos Aires, c.1970

Playing cards imported into Argentina and/or distributed by Fagoaga y Cía, Tacauri 127, Buenos Aires

Heraclio Fournier’s “Poker N°40” c.1960

Above: Heraclio Fournier’s “Poker N°40” c.1960. The four of clubs carries the Spanish exportation tax stamp. The ace of hearts has the Argentinean importation tax stamp along with the importing agent's details: Casa Bertrand Domec de Fagoaga y Compañía (sucesores).

Naipes No.35 "Rueda Alada" manufactured by Heraclio Fournier S.A., Vitoria (Spain), 1970s

Imported into Argentina by Fagoaga y Compañía (Casa Bertrand Domec), Tacauri 127, Buenos Aires

Plastic-Card No.127 manufactured in Argentina by Nascal S.R.L., c.1970s

Distributed by Fagoaga y Cía (Casa Bertrand Domec), Tacauri 127, Buenos Aires.

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