Announcing Ken Lodge’s Blog

We’re excited to announce that Ken Lodge, one of the foremost experts on the standard English pattern, is relocating his blog to the World of Playing Cards. From now onwards you will be able to enjoy Ken’s insights and opinions here from Ken’s new blog page

You can get to Ken's blog from our main top menu under the Blog drop-down.

Among his 50+ articles Ken has blogged about How to Analyze and Differentiate Playing Card Plates, Playing Cards: Rarity, Value, Dating, Sellers and eBay, Belgian Makers: Mesmaekers, 19th Century Breaks With Tradition - Unusual Version of the Standard English Pattern, Standard English Cards From Latin America: Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, and Ken’s own insights on Charles Goodall & Son and De la Rue & Co. Ltd.

Read more about Ken Lodge on his About Ken Lodge page, or go straight to his blog homepage to start reading his articles.

Ken’s blog also includes hundreds of high-resolution scans from his personal playing card collection, here’s a selection of some of the best images:

Above: Woolley, a copy of Reynolds' design, c1855-65

Above: Whitaker with Isle of Man export AS and gold back design, c.1850

Above: Anonymous Garter AS with unusual courts

WoPC Blogs

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