Walter Scharff

Walter Scharff

Deutsche Spielkartenfabrik Walter Scharff KG, M√ľnchen, Germany, 1923-1931

Walter Scharff was of Jewish descent. After some early experiences working in a cardboard factory and printing business cards, Walter Scharff established a playing card factory in 1923 and published a small but elegant range of German, Swiss and French-suited decks. There was a lot of competition in the playing card industry in those days, and in 1931 his business was taken over by V.A.S.S. For a time he was a member of the board of directors and his cards were sold under his old trademark, but with the rise of Hitler's dictatorship he lost his shares and commercial interests in Germany and in 1937 Walter Scharff and his family emigrated to Egypt where he founded “Moharrem Press” in Alexandria. His new trademark was a camel. However, due to political events, in 1962 he was forced to emigrate once again, this time to Switzerland. He died in 1967, aged 74.

Above: the pastel shades of colours on this deck make it particularly attractive, c.1925. Full size version 93mm x 60mm but patience size versions also exist. 52+2J. The Ace of Hearts has the legend: 'DEUTSCHE SPIELKARTEN-FABRIK WALTER SCHARFF K. G. MUNCHEN' and tax stamp has legend: 'DEUTSCHES REICH Nr.145'. The Seven of Hearts has a small logo which reads: 'Trumpf Karten'. Images courtesy Barney Townshend.


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