Deutsches Luxusbild

Dondorf: ‘Deutsches Luxusbild’ No.417
Playing Card manufacture: B. Dondorf (1833-1933), Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The court cards in this well designed double-ended pack are realistically dressed in 16th century costumes with German suit symbols (acorns, bells, hearts & leaves), all depicted in a lifelike manner. The Kings and high ranking personnel are strict and austere. The farm workers and artisans remind us that the early 16th century was also the time of The German Peasants' War. In this instance the double-ended figures are mirror images, divided horizontally, with indices incorporated into the outer borders. Printed by chromolithography, published during the period c.1926-1933. The reverse shows Prussian eagles but advertising backs are also known

Dondorf's ‘Deutsches Luxusbild’ No.417, printed by chromolithography c.1926-1933

Above: Dondorf's ‘Deutsches Luxusbild’ No.417, German suit symbols, printed by chromolithography c.1926-1933. 36 cards, gold corners, card size = 99mm x 58mm. The reverse shows Prussian eagles but advertising backs are also known. Images courtesy Barney Townshend.

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