Papita Sport Kwartet

Papita Sport Kwartet by Nederlandse Spellenfabriek (NSF) c.1975.

NSF was founded in 1950 and produces many brands including Jumbo, Diabolo, Papita and King. The roots of the NSF date back to the nineteenth century. In 1853 the Koninklijke Hausemann & Hötte N.V. (H&H) was founded in Amsterdam. After decades of steady growth and the introduction in the Netherlands of classics like Meccano and Dinky Toy, H&H decided to open its own manufacturing facility in 1950; the NSF.

Papita Sport Kwartet, c.1975 Papita Sport Kwartet, c.1975

Above: Papita Sport Kwartet by Nederlandse Spellenfabriek BV, Amsterdam, c.1975.

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