Aesop’s Fables

Aesop was the most famous fable-teller of ancient Greece, over 2,500 years ago. He told fables on all matters where a moral could be added. Over the centuries these fables have been translated, re-told and presented in many different formats, registers and regional styles.

Boar and Ass illustration from a woodcut series of Aesop, Genoa, 1557

Above: the Boar and Ass illustration from a woodcut series of Aesop, Genoa, 1557.

Featured on this page are cards from the 1759 edition of Aesop's Fables playing cards by I. Kirk (St Paul’s Churchyard, London) based on drawings by Francis Barlow (c.1626–1704) and also from a facsimile edition of Aesop's Fable Cards published by Colonial Williamsburg Foundation (USA).

Aesop's Fables by J Kirk, St Paul's Churchyard, London 1756-65

Above: Ace of Spades from the 1759 edition by I. Kirk (London) with the red tax stamp and ‘GR’ cypher. Image courtesy WCMPC

Boar and Ass, J Kirk, 1759
Wolf and Lamb, J. Kirk, 1759

Above: two cards from uncoloured facsimile edition of I.Kirk’s Aesop’s Fables playing cards published by Colonial Williamsburg Foundation (USA). See the Wrapper

More Original Cards

An advertisement in the Public Advertiser for December 17, 1759 reads “Æsop's Fables exactly copied after Barlow, with fables and morals in verse, to be had of the proprietor, I. Kirk at the Grotto Toy Shop in St Paul’s Churchyard.”

Above: etching by James Kirk after Francis Barlow, c.1760. 15.9 x 17.2 cm. Courtesy The Elisha Whittelsey Collection.

The Wolf & Lamb from Aesop, Vita et Fabulae, Naples, 1485

Above: The Wolf & Lamb woodcut illustration and text from “Aesop, Vita et Fabulae”, Naples, 1485.


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