Thomson-Leng Tarot

Thomson-Leng Publications Tarot, 1935

Thomson-Leng Publications Tarot, 1935
Thomson-Leng Publications Tarot booklet, 1935

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The THOMSON-LENG Tarot Cards were issued by the publishers of women's magazines during the 1930s. A Romany Fortune Telling pack was also published. The cards are loosely based upon the Rider-Waite tarot, but also on other sources, and are becoming unusual to find. Some of the designs reappear in Maritxu Guler's “Tarot Esoterico” published by Fournier, Spain.

Manufactured by:
Universal Playing Card Co. Ltd, Leeds, England c.1935 for Thomson-Leng Publications, Dundee & London.

78 cards + extra card + instruction booklet.

Thomson-Leng Publications Tarot printed by Universal Playing Card Co Ltd, 1935
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