Ordnance Recognition

Ordnance Recognition Playing Cards

A set of four packs of educational playing cards designed to help people at risk – whether they are soldiers, civilians, aid workers or deminers - to identify and learn about the threats they face from unexploded ordnance. Careful thought has been given to helping the recognition and learning process. Each card has a good clear image of the item, together with its country of origin, type and basic details. The cards are published by CKA and Fenix, operational bomb disposal companies, working mainly in post-conflict zones on the clearance of mines and other types of unexploded ordnance. The mines, UXO and IED cards were designed by Colin King. The cover design and backgrounds for the small arms packs were produced mostly by Darren Fletcher.

“Danger Mines” playing cards were designed to help people living in mine-affected regions to identify the dangers of unexploded landmines.

“UXO Recognition” playing cards are designed to help people to learn more about, and to avoid, common examples of unexploded ordnance (UXO).

“IED Recognition” playing cards are designed to help you recognize some of the key components used to make improvised explosive devices (IED).

Small Arms Recognition cards show representative examples of commonly used firearms.

These cards are bought by UN and government agencies, often for distribution to their own staff and to local people. The funds raised then allow us to donate cards to smaller organisations and the people we meet or work with in affected countries. Feedback has been very positive and we sincerely believe that these cards help to save lives and limbs.


Notes by Colin King, Mine Action & ERW Consultancy

For additional background see: Fenix Insight

To purchase packs visit: Cadet Direct

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