Productos Camacho

Naipes Camacho, made in Mexico, c.2003

Mexico has a large number of businesses whose main product is not playing cards, but who produce one or two packs as a novelty or promotional item, often made by their packaging or printing departments. There are no manufacturer's details printed on these cards apart from ‘Productos Camacho’ and ‘Hecho en Mexico’ and we are not sure who the actual manufacturer is. The designs are based loosely on the Spanish ‘Castilian’ style, with Mexican-style cavaliers and female pages. The artist's name is not known.

Playing Cards made by Productos Camacho, Mexico, c.2003

Above: Spanish-suited playing cards made by Productos Camacho, Mexico, c.2003. 40 cards, square corners. The reverse has the word 'CAMACHO' inside a pink geometric design.

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