The Hemp Culture Playing Cards

Wisdom These magnificent playing cards stem from at least 30 years of research… a lavish showcase of superb photography, artwork and personal revelations… which is both educational and entertaining.

"Freedom is a natural, basic, element that provides us with a foundation for motivating ourselves… to explore our souls and the beautiful relationships we can have with each other." [Laurence Cherniak, 1998]

Laurence Cherniak



52 cards + 3 Jokers + colour booklet in sturdy box, ultra high-air cushion finish, rounded corners, 62mm x 89mm, made in Canada.

highly artistic, almost 3-dimensional graphic designs
magnificent photography featuring views of diverse locations
brilliant and well-balanced colours.

Four of Clubs Indexes Two of Diamonds
Queen of Clubs Ten of Diamonds from magazine cover King of Clubs
Back design showing resin calyxes Toker-Joker

There is an underlying element of subtle humour in these cleverly designed playing cards… gently questioning the issue of legality. The cards are collages of various images, juxtopposed and merged together, with vibrant and colourful patterns. The suit signs and pips are gold-edged. Overall, a superb piece of work. The more you look the more you'll see, and in the "History & Memoirs" there's also some fun stuff…

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